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Poziv istraživačima za dostavljanje naučnih radova za međunarodni časopis o smanjenju rizika od katastrofa (International Journal of Disaster Risk Management) – Call for papers – Vol. 3, No. 1

Call for papers – Vol. 3, No. 1

International Journal of Disaster Risk Management

Dear Professor/Researcher,

International Journal of Disaster Risk Management is a peer-reviewed (twice a year) journal that serves all aspects of disaster studies, policy, and management. It provides a platform for academics, policymakers, and practitioners to publish high-quality research and practice concerning natural disasters, anthropogenic disasters, complex political emergencies, and crises around the world. The journal crosses and affects interdisciplinary boundaries to promote communication, collaboration, and teamwork between professions and disciplines to avoid (prevention) or to limit (mitigation and preparedness) the adverse impacts of hazards, within the broad context of sustainable development. The journal encourages to the interchange of ideas and experience, to decrease the risk of disasters and build community resilience within the context of sustainable development and planetary boundaries.

Authors are kindly invited to submit their formatted full papers.

Please, send your paper via – http://vanrednesituacije.com/ojs/index.php/Vol1/about/submissions.

Kind regards

Assist. Prof. Vladimir M. Cvetković, Ph.D., vmc@fb.bg.ac.rs

The University of Belgrade, Faculty of Security Studies, Gospodara Vučića 50, Belgrade, Serbia

President of Scientific-Professional Society for Disaster Risk Management, Belgrade

Director of the International Institute for Disaster Research, Belgrade


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