Agreement on Mutual Cooperation in Disaster Risk Management 🌐

We are delighted to announce a significant collaboration between the Hellenic Crises and Disasters Management Institute (H.C.D.M.I.) based in Athens, Greece, and the Scientific and Professional Society for Disaster Risk Management in Belgrade, Serbia.
In accordance with relevant legislation and their respective mandates, both organizations have come together with a shared vision to enhance resilience and disaster management capabilities within their national frameworks.
Areas of Collaboration Include:
– Scientific Research 📊: Conducting research in civil protection, risk assessment, disaster prevention and response, smart technology utilization, and more.
– Interagency Cooperation 🤝: Fostering collaboration among public authorities, private services, and non-governmental organizations for effective disaster response.
– Volunteer Development 🙋‍♂️: Developing civil protection volunteering standards and promoting volunteer engagement in disaster management.
– Knowledge Exchange 📚: Sharing expertise, exchanging instructors, and publishing scientific materials and guidelines.
– Joint Activities 🎓: Organizing lectures, training sessions, cultural events, and consultations to promote knowledge sharing and capacity building.
– Project Development 🌍: Forming professional teams to pursue national and international projects in disaster management.
– Specialized Training 🎓: Certification of training programs in disaster response and the establishment of modern specialties in accident and disaster management.
– Resource Mobilization 💰: Collaborating to secure funding for joint training activities and field missions in Greece and Serbia.
Key Articles:
Article 2: Emphasizes cooperation in scientific and professional research with a focus on advancing scientific progress and involving experts from a wider regional area.
Article 3: Commits to shaping common criteria for academic programs, ensuring alignment with European higher education standards, and supporting each other in staffing and program implementation.
This partnership signifies a commitment to excellence in disaster management, research, and education, with the aim of building more resilient communities and contributing to regional cooperation and development.
H.C.D.M.I. – Athens, Greece
Scientific and Professional Society for Disaster Risk Management – Belgrade, Serbia

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