International conference Geospatial and Environmental Dynamics: Between Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research 15-16th November 2024| Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia,

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The International Scientific Conference on Geospatial and Environmental Dynamics: Between Fundamental and Applied Scientific Research represents a convergence point for scholars, researchers, and practitioners engaged in the multidisciplinary exploration of geospatial phenomena and environmental dynamics. This conference serves as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and innovations at the intersection of fundamental scientific inquiry and real-world applications. With a focus on both theoretical underpinnings and practical implications, this conference brings together experts from diverse fields including geography, environmental science, remote sensing, geoinformatics, ecology, climatology, urban planning, and more. Participants delve into cutting-edge research methodologies, advanced technologies, and analytical tools driving progress in understanding and addressing complex geospatial and environmental challenges.

The Conference aims to:

(1)Facilitate dialogue between researchers, practitioners, and stakeholders in geospatial and environmental sciences;
(2)Integrate theoretical insights, methodological advancements, and practical applications;
(3)Promote interdisciplinary collaboration across diverse domains;
(4)Showcase innovative research and technologies addressing global challenges;
(5)Foster networking and knowledge sharing among participants;
(6)Address pressing issues such as climate change, natural hazards, and sustainable development;
(7)Inspire new research directions and innovations in the field.

Topics covered include but are not limited to: Geospatial analysis and modeling, Environmental monitoring and assessment, Spatial data science and analytics, Climate change and variability, Sustainable solutions, Landscape ecology and ecosystem dynamics, Natural hazards and disaster management, Sustainable development and land use planning, Remote sensing applications and techniques, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geospatial technologies, and Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services. We honestly invite you to submit papers and share your ideas which would certainly broaden the importance of geospatial multidisciplinary research, promotion and implementation of the results into practical use.


•Academics and students, who are interested in the multidisciplinary research of the geospatial and environmental problems through sustainable approaches.
•Members of professional societies and the general public with an interest in the given topic.
•Anyone who would like to be involved in the development of methodologies, multidisciplinary approaches, and contributions on a local, regional, and global scale when analyzing geospatial and environmental dynamics from the standpoint of fundamental and applied scientific research.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUTHORS Please mind the important dates and deadlines in order to successfully register and participate in the conference. Abstract submission deadline is 1st September 2024. Conference abstracts are invited on the topics falling within the scope of the meeting and must be written in English. Abstracts of between 300 and 350 words written in MS Word and corresponding to one of the conference themes (not including authors’ names and affiliations) should be submitted until indicated dates. Abstracts should clearly state the purpose, results and conclusions of the research, which must include:

Full author(s) name(s)
Full author(s) affiliation(s)
Email address of corresponding author
Abstract (300 – 350 words)

Please indicate if it will be oral or poster presentation Authors are welcomed to submit more then one abstract for oral or poster presentation. Oral presentations should be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint and should not exceed 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure to transfer presentation on time to members of Organizational Board upon your arrival. Poster presentation format should be 100×180 cm (recommended but not obligatory). Accepted abstracts will be published in the Conference abstract book. Presented papers will have the opportunity to be published in the special issues of reputable international journals such as Frontiers in Water (IF 2.9), Open Geosciences (IF 2.0), and International Journal of Disaster Risk Management (IJDRM).

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