Table of Contents: Volume 1 Issue 1

Publish: 2019

1. Examining Stakeholder Participation in Social Stability Risk Assessment for Mega Projects using Network Analysis

   Authors: Xuesong Guo, Naim Kapucu

 Keywords: Stakeholder Participation; Social Stability Risk Assessment; Affiliation Networks; Network Analysis

 Type: Research paper

2. Governmental Incentivization for SMEs’ Engagement in Disaster Resilience in Southeast Asia

Authors: Aleksandrina V. Mavrodieva, Dyah S. Budiarti, Zhou Yu, Federico A. Pasha, Rajib Shaw

Keywords: Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), Private Business, Disaster Response, Disaster Preparedness and Resilience, Government Incentives, Southeast Asia, Business Continuity
Type: Research paper

3. Natural Disasters in Turkey: Social and Economic Perspective

Author: Adem Ocal

Keywords: Disaster; Earthquake; Social impact; Flood; Hazard; Natural disaster; Turkey
Type: Review paper

4. Preparing International Joint Project: use of Japanese flood hazard map in Bangladesh

Author: Kumiko Fujita, Rajib Shaw

Keywords: Flood Hazard map, Technology transfer, Social background, Japan, Bangladesh
Type: Review paper

5. Risk Perception of Building Fires in Belgrade

Authors: Vladimir M. Cvetković

Keywords: Fire risk; Perception; Building fires; Belgrade 

 Type: Research paper

Table of Contents: Volume 1 Issue 2

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